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Wealthy Affiliate Review

Welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate Review

I am going to give you my very personal review on Wealthy Affiliate (WA) – because I genuinely think it is one of the best offers out there in terms of what you get and for creating a recurring monthly residual income for yourself.

I have created both a video and written review for you.  Check out the video (6.25 minutes) and the written review is below it.


Wealthy Affiliate Overview

In a nutshell, WA teaches you how to build ‘money making’ websites!  Whether you want an Authority Blog for your brand and your personal offers or Niche Websites for a shop or affiliate products – WA is for you.

WA shows you how to use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to get highly targeted free traffic to your website so that visitors can see your offers and you can start to make money.

Just know this is not a ‘Get Rich Quick’ process, but it is completely viable to build an income over a period of months.

First let’s address the Free Training

One of the things I love about Wealthy Affiliate is that it’s free training is first class – and that you do NOT need to give any credit card details.

There is no way anyone can cry SCAM at this.  It’s so transparent – you get to see everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer without divulging any credit card info.

So what do you get for free at Wealthy Affiliate?


wealthy affiliate review

The free training is comprehensive – and will tell you everything you need to know about getting your own website set up and how to monetise it.

In addition – WA gives you the tools and hosting for creating websites in-house – making the process easy for you.

You get the opportunity to see what WA has to offer and certainly if it’s the right affiliate / training program for you.


What Happens Next?

Once you have completed all 10 of the free lessons – (each of which comes with their own videos and daily tasks – about 3 a day) – you are then ready to progress to the second level of training.

By now you’ll already have your website set up and you’ll be learning how to apply various monetisation methods you can use to make money.

I won’t go into the lessons detail as you can see that on the inside – but here what get’s covered next

  • Level 02: Building Your Own Traffic-Producing Website (10 lessons)
  • Level 03: Making Money (10 lessons)
  • Level 04: Mastering Social Engagement (10 lessons)
  • Level 05: Achieving Maximum Success With You Content (10 lessons)

Check out what other WA Students have to say about the training.

Wealthy affiliate review by students

So if I get all this cools stuff for free, why would I want to become a paid member.


The incredible free training and tools that you get with Wealthy Affiliate are really the just tip of the iceburg!  

When you upgrade to become a premium member, not only can you earn more commission, but you also get all these great extra’s all included  (also once you have 3 members you are in profit every month and it is costing you nothing and making you money!).

wealthy affiliate review 3

My Experience with Wealthy Affiliate

By the time I found Wealthy Affiliate I had been working online for 3 years.  I already had a successful ‘High Ticket’ ($1000 plus commissions) Affiliate Business with the Super Affiliate Network but I had built my success on mainly on Facebook and other social media channels.

After I experienced some highly traumatic events in my personal life (you can read about those here), I found it hard to keep up a social media presence and I realised I needed to find another way to generate highly engaged traffic.

That’s when I came across Wealthy Affiliate.

I had really ignored the need for a website and learning SEO – and always thought it would be too much hard work.

It is work, but I loved it, and I certainly love that I don’t need to be on social media all the time.  Now I am able to enjoy organic traffic in a way that is creative and enjoyable.  This website is a product of what I have achieved thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

I personally feel that Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start or continue your affiliate journey.  Learning website and SEO skills are absolutely invaluable, and building authority niche sites are a great way to create a regular passive income.

The opportunity attached to Wealthy Affiliate creates a fabulous recurring income, and it is one that can be recommended in complete integrity because of its high quality free training and tools.   That zero risk makes it an absolute no brainer to try out.

I already have recurring income with Wealthy Affiliate, and I am also generating free traffic to all my other offers thanks to it’s training.  

I love it, I highly recommend it – and I suggest to anyone that they should check out the free training.  If nothing else you will walk away with some great and highly valuable information that will help you on your entrepreneurial journey. 

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