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Karen Richardson

Karen Richardson

Letting intuition guide the way.

Manifest Anything Fast (Part 5) – Making Magic Happen

So yesterday you read my metastory – in a nutshell I wanted to make $5k by the end of April last year.

Here’s how that actually panned out…

By the end of April, I had actually only made $733.70,  but by 15th May I had made $5,067.80!

Now here’s the spooky part.

It was a Sunday afternoon and we had friends over for a barbeque.

Sure enough the sun was shining, and it was a beautiful day – I was very happy and relaxed

AND I had a gin and tonic in my hand (probably the 2nd or 3rd one to tell the truth)

And a couple of ‘pings’ on my phone revealed that I had made $2,000 in commission hitting my $5k target!!

Now, I know it missed the end of April deadline by a couple of weeks, but I was pretty happy with that outcome.

Especially as it continued to spiral upwards to $27k over 9 weeks

And I promise the story of how that happened is coming…. Soon 😉

OK so let’s dig into the process, because this is the ‘work’ part.

It’s a simple process, but it’s not easy…..

So by now you have a great metastory, it flows, there’s no internal resistance when you read it back indicating you have a block that might sabotage it – so we are good to go.

Here’s the  ONLY thing you have to do now.

Write it out one hundred times!

Yep x100! :O

OK, OK, I can hear you screaming – you cannot be serious!  That’s a lot of work!

If you want to do it by the book – that’s what you’ve gotta do….

Here’s the thing though – I’m not really a ‘by the book’ kinda gal and I decided to see if I could hack it.

So after about the 37th time of writing it out – I was well and truly fed up!

Here’s what I did!

I placed the metastory somewhere I would see it,  read it and visualise it everyday – maybe several times a day.

I read it out loud 50 times in one session.

I recorded it onto my phone and listened to it a couple of times a day.

Can you see how I was hitting all the senses with this one story – that became a ‘future memory’?  The key is to always maintain that emotional anchor of joy so that it feels good.

Now while it might seem like a lot – it’s still pretty simple right?

And isn’t the discomfort of doing those things short term – worth it to get the outcome?

Let me explain to you how the magic starts to happen….   What happens to you physically and mentally….   And how eventually your brain will be so aligned you wont have to do any of the tasks around this.

Your thoughts will quite literally become things…..

The transformation is quite profound, and for me – hindsight gave me huge insights!

By the way – with the writing it down – I do recommend you do it as many times as you can bear.

Phew!  Thanks for sticking with me so far!

You’re probably wondering:  How does this all work then?

Let’s just cover the science bit, and then I will tell you what you actually experience.

The human brain is made of 4 quadrants:

  • Left Brain (Logic)
  • Right Brain (Creativity)
  • Mid Brain (Emotion)
  • Brain Stem (physical stimulation)

By carrying out the exercises I have taught you over the past few days, you are aligning all these parts of the brain.

Usually, our brains are so out of alignment – it makes it impossible to achieve your goals.

When all parts are focused on one common goal, guess what happens – success!!!

That’s pretty amazing right?

How does it feel?

The only way I can describe it is flow state!

Here’s how it played out for me – and finally how I made $27,000!

For 9 months I had been trying to make an income online.  I struggled and basically ended up $14k worse off than when I started.

I decided to see if this metastory thing actually works.

I’ll be honest – I didn’t believe it would!

But I went through the motions anyway.  This was around mid march.

It was 24th April 2016. I decided to reach out to someone who seemed to be having some success online.  We skyped that night, and I learned that they had just started in a new affiliate program.

I just took inspired action and without any resistance – I just signed up for a one dollar trial!

The training was fantastic and I shared on social media what I thought about it, without any intention other than to help others who I knew had also been struggling online.

In my first 6 days I made $773  not bad!

I made a video about it – that just flowed and shared it on social media.

  • In 3 weeks I had made  $5k
  • 4 weeks it was $8k
  • 5 weeks it was $11k
  • Until I hit the 9 weeks and I had made $27k!!!

I couldn’t believe it!  The source of the income at the time of writing the metastory was completely unknown.

This is why you must let go of how you think you will reach your goal, as it will likely come from an unexpected source.

I have since written more metastories that have had great success and others that haven’t.  However, I know that with the ones that failed – I wasn’t committed enough to the process.

Aside from making money, my successes have seen me;

  • Manifest new teachers who are showing me how to get to the next level.
  • Build better relationships with my family.
  • See miracles occur in life and death situations
  • Get opportunities to travel, meet influential people and speak on stage.

I hope that you will commit to this process and start to see transformation occur in your life.

The Universe loves action takers.

Don’t try and figure how the things you want will manifest…

Just trust that the right opportunities will show up at the right time.


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This blog series is based on the book:  ‘How to Make Money for Anything Fast’ by Stuart Lichtman

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