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Karen Richardson

Karen Richardson

Letting intuition guide the way.

Manifest Anything Fast (Part 3) – Capturing Time

In this 8 minute video I summarise everything we have covered so far and today’s lesson to help you understand the process better.  

Scroll past the video to continue reading today’s lesson.

Now the fun begins!
Let’s get into manifestation mode!
It’s bizarre how this works!  But it worked for me. The first ever time I tried it!  I made an incredible $27k in 9 weeks – (more about that later)
Yep – that’s me with the rubbish attention span!
Anyway – I digressed!
Before we continue – grab a pen and paper.
Today is going to require a little bit of work!!
First, cast your mind backward in time.
  • I want you to recall a moment you were proud of yourself…
  • Or a moment that you had achieved something and you were happy….
  • Or a moment where you had taken an action and got a desired result…
Now this does NOT have to be money related.
It could be the moment you found out you were pregnant…  Or held your baby for the first time…
It could be that you worked hard on your garden and you were standing there in your garden enjoying the result of that work
It could be from child hood – a great school report
Maybe a promotion you wanted…
Or maybe you just had an awesome day…
Have you got it?  Good.
I want you to think about that moment in time.
  1. What emotions / feelings are you experiencing?
  2. Physical feelings – y’know like the warm and fuzzies… 🙂
  3. Where are you?  What’s around you?  What can you see? What can you hear?
  4. Is anyone with you?  Who?  What are they saying / doing?
  5. What’s the weather like?  Is it summer or winter.
  6. Can you feel any physical elements like warmth of the sun or a breeze on your face?
  7. Do you have anything in your hands?
  8. Is there anything uncomfortable about that situation?
Now grab your pen and paper!
It’s just one moment.  And I want you to capture all the information from that moment.  Answer the questions  above and write it down – add anything you remember about that moment that may not have been covered in the questions above.
Now I’ve got you wondering why we are covering something in the past when you want something in the future right?
All will become clear.
It’s all about capturing that amazing feeling you had!
Take the time you need to get that moment on to paper – it should only take around 10 minutes.
Shortly you will see why this is so essential to becoming a manifestation pro!
Did you do the homework?
If not, do it now!
It doesn’t need to be perfect, just capturing that moment and making notes.
Got it?  Good!
Ok,  so why was that little exercise so important?
It’s because it connected you to a feeling.  It made you picture that moment.
Did you find yourself back there?  Remembering every little detail?
Did you remember that great feeling?  Was there a ‘not so great’ feeling that cropped up – this is equally important.
You see,  it’s those feelings.
Pleasure, joy, happiness, love – those feelings are resonant with manifesting.
They are the high frequencies – they are your vehicle to getting what you want.
Of course it’s not easy to maintain those high vibes on a daily basis!
It only takes one idiot to cut you up in your car, or one of *those* posts on Facebook to get on your nerves and drag you down to earth with a bump.
That is of course unless you are an enlightened guru. In which case I don’t think you’d be hopping on my little course 😀
I suspect – much like me you’re a normal human being.  You’re doing your best to be more enlightened – but some things still piss you off…..
Welcome to my tribe – you’ll feel right at home here!
Anyway, moving on….
So you get how those positive feelings make you feel connected and aligned…
You know you can’t always maintain that high vibe, but you can get back there.
Now we are going Back to the Future!
Get your DeLorean ready
Have you found everything I’m telling you so far do-able?
The reason I deliver this in bite size chunks is because I want you to understand the process – so you can do it easily over and over.
Now you have gathered all the data on that great / joyful / happy beautiful moment, I want you to use it all to write that moment into a story as it plays out in your head as movie.
I also want you to include any negative feelings or things that may have happened too.
It should come to life in your head when you read it.
So for example…..
“I am stood in my garden, admiring all the hard work I had put in.  The grass was green and lush and the flowers in full bloom.  I could feel the sun on my face, and as I looked at my garden I noticed that slugs had eaten some of the vegetables……”
Right so I want you now to go over that story, and if there’s anything about it you didn’t like, just strike that sentence through.  We are getting rid of it completely.
So what we would do here is:
“I am stood in my garden, admiring all the hard work I had put in.  The grass was green and lush and the flowers in full bloom.  I could feel the sun on my face, and felt happy as I looked at my garden. I noticed that slugs had eaten some of the vegetables …..”
Do you remember how I told you your body is a ‘block detection system’?    It’s always giving you feedback – like a knot in the stomach when you feel uneasy about something.
In the same way,  if you find a sentence in your story that gives you a feeling of resistance….
EITHER –  Take it out OR re-write it so you don’t get that feeling when you read it.
It may be that your memory is perfect and does not need to be edited in this way – which is great – nothing more to do here!
By the end of this process, you will have a perfect memory that is filled with positive emotions of happiness, joy or peace.
Now here comes the clever part….
I want you to keep those feelings with you and write a new story, this new story is going to be a future memory.
You will be projecting all the emotion associated with your past memory and transposing it on to a memory that hasn’t yet happened.
Why does this work?
Well, believe it or not, your subconscious isn’t that bright!
It doesn’t know the difference between something that has happened and something that you’re bringing to life in your imagination.
This is why it is so essential to have those powerful emotions attached to it.
This is where it gets exciting because you will quite literally be creating your future!!
It’s a big step – are you ready?

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This blog series is based on the book:  ‘How to Make Money for Anything Fast’ by Stuart Lichtman

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