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Karen Richardson

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Manifest Anything Fast (Part 2) – Busting Through Blocks

Following on from the previous post  (Go to Part 1 Here),
(…. time to showcase my photoshop skills)
This diagram typifies how *most* try to manifest.
The diagram is pretty self explanatory.
Think about what you want and SHAZAM!   It manifests right?
Erm no, not usually.
Because here’s the thing – it ain’t that simple!
You need to have the connect between your conscious and subconscious.
At the moment your subconscious is putting up blocks to stop you.  It thinks it’s keeping you safe, and here’s why…
80% of your subconscious has been determined by the age of 7!
Yep 7!  You pretty much have a 7 year old running your life…  Awesome!
By the age of 7 we have set up a bunch of belief systems that now govern your life!!!
Some beliefs are good, but most will be what is causing all the limitations  –  and throwing fear and doubt into your path to stop you
And the even better part is we don’t even know what half those beliefs are!!!
Over the next few posts, this is what we are going to achieve.
Cue more photoshop awesomeness….
  • Yep, no more trying to work through the blocks.
  • No more trying to spend lots of time trying to understand the blocks
  • No more trying to clear the blocks….
We are just gonna go right around them.
How frickin’ cool is that?
So if you want to get your subconscious on the same path as your conscious (that thing we call alignment)….
Then you really need to keep on reading.
We are gonna start going deeeeep and getting down to the nitty gritty!
Are you beginning to understand why you’ve not yet had any success in the manifestation game!
I have totally been where you are – to the point of just beginning to think it was a load of crap!
I had listened to lot’s of the Abraham Hicks video’s – I love, love, love the concept….
And Abraham would say you just have to get into alignment.
That’s all – ‘you *just* have to get into alignment….’
Awesome! How do I do that then????
I mean – give me the frikkin’ details then!!!
I guess that actually sent out a big vibration to the Universe…. As soon followed this….
A friend of mine recommended I read this book here called ‘How to Make Money for Anything Fast’ 
I was like ‘Really’?  Sounds like a scammy book if ever I heard it!
I checked out it out anyway – it cost $97!!!  I thought ‘you’re having a laugh!’  So I left it…
I few months later I noticed this friend was getting some traction in her biz – maybe I should check out the book!
Now, here’s the thing – I’m not a reader – nope!
And this book was dense!!!!!
The book talked about a process called cybernetic transposition – it’s enough to make your brain hurt!
The good news is, I’m gonna deliver my findings in a non hurty way! (Hooray!)
But here’s what it does, it helps to get your subconscious to take orders from your conscious!
So let’s recap…
Remember how I told you about the blocks and that we can avoid them?…. Cool!
So here’s the thing – we might not know that we have blocks – so how can we avoid them?
Believe it or not, our entire body is a block detection machine.
Have a look at this:
Have you ever noticed that your body gives you uncomfortable reactions to certain scenarios.
Some can be subtle – others just scream at you!!
Now sometimes these are great.  They are literally life savers….. when you are in genuine danger…
Do you remember me telling you that your subconscious is trying to protect you…
But what about when you’re not in danger and you’re still getting these sensations?
That’s when you know you have a block.
Your body acts as your own personal feedback system, so that you know there’s an issue!
Now we are not going to go into why you have a block or how to resolve it….
We are simply going to use this information / feedback from your body to go around it!
It’s simple really! 🙂
Now you understand this, in the next post, we are gonna get started with the manifesting!
Get excited – this is the fun part!

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This blog series is based on the book:  ‘How to Make Money for Anything Fast’ by Stuart Lichtman

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