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Karen Richardson

Karen Richardson

Letting intuition guide the way.

Manifest Anything Fast (Part 1) – Why Manifesting Doesn’t Work

Welcome to Manifest Anything Fast with Intuitive Goal Setting.
I’m really happy you’re here!
In this blog series I will be teaching you how to set your goals so that your intuition does all the hard work – on the ‘How’ you will achieve your goal so that you manifest it with ease instead of wondering how you will make it happen.
Enjoy this Manifest Anything Fast blog series – it’s completely on the house!
I have broken this down into ‘bite sized’ posts so that you can do a little each day – or consume it all in one go.
This is on purpose so you can easily absorb and take action on each lesson.
Each lesson will be between 400 and 1000 words long.
I’m going to demonstrate to you a very different  approach the Law of Attraction and manifesting.
In fact this approach works so well that the results it produces are phenomenal.
You can do this too and I’m going to show you how!
What I am going to show you will change how you are setting and actioning goals and will transform your life.
When it’s done right – it’s like magic!
There is no better way to create the life you want than through this method of subconscious programming – so that you intuitively start to move towards your goals.
I’ll reveal how the first time I used it I made $27,000 in a 9 week period!
I’ll share the whole process with you (but only if you PROMISE to use it responsibly and not for evil…. 😉 )
So….   I’m thinking that your efforts in manifesting have been somewhat flawed.
(or Why else would you be here?)
Good news! The Universe has kicked your butt in this direction because it *knows* you need this to start creating the life you desire.
Ok, so *most people* (I’m going to lump you in with them 😉 ) approach the Law of Attraction (LOA) like this:
1.) Say affirmations….
Maybe written on your mirror – which you may or may not remember to look at and say back to yourself, in between styling your hair and rushing out the door
2.) Do your gratitudes……
You’ll have few standard – I’m grateful for Family – roof over my head –  food on my plate – living in a safe place… etc
3.) Have a vision board…
There’ll be a picture of your dream car / house / holiday – a few inspirational quotes – a cheque with 1 million dollars / pounds whatever written on it.
Every day (mostly) you’ll do these things – job done
Rinse and repeat…….
It’s a much heralded way to manifest – and it’s all good stuff – but why are you still broke / struggling / frustrated if it’s supposed to work so well?
Now, you don’t HAVE to change anything.
Sure you can carry on doing it this way.
Nothing wrong with that.
However, as Einstein so eloquently puts it:
“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”
 Are you happy with your current LOA manifesting results?
I mean REALLY happy?
Let me tell you!
You can absolutely get better results!
All round better results!
From improving your relationships, creating the lifestyle you want…
to just flat out making more cold hard cash….
Lots more!
Before I go and get into trouble I do want to “cover my ass” here!


In these posts I reveal how I and many other people have manifested their goal desires.
Please understand that all these results are NOT typical and cannot guarantee that you’ll match them.
Especially considering we’ve probably never met, and I don’t know your goals and dreams or how committed you are to seeing the process through.
Just passively reading these posts wont make you millions (It would be nice if it worked that way 🙂 )
Reading is not enough – serious execution (action) is required on your part.
And only YOU can do that!
Well I’ve been rambling on for far too long already in this post, are you ready to get going and become a manifesting machine?

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This blog series is based on the book:  ‘How to Make Money for Anything Fast’ by Stuart Lichtman

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