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Karen Richardson

Karen Richardson

Letting intuition guide the way.

What is My Life Purpose – Seriously, WTF is it?

What is my life purpose?

This must be one of the most pondered upon questions for every person on the earth.

I’m sure many have come to the conclusion that there is no purpose to life, other than to wake up, work, procreate the human race, and sleep… ad infinitum…  (God!  I sincerely hope not!!)

In my humble opinion – we do have a purpose, and finding it may not be as complicated as so many make it out to be.

When I first asked this question, I really had no clue.  I was in a dead end job, that certainly was not fulfilling my soul, but I honestly didn’t know what on earth would.

life purposeI remember being sat in the office I worked in – I had returned to work after my second maternity leave.  I had dropped my two little boys into child care and wondered what the point of it all was.  I looked at my computer screen and sighed.  “What the hell am I doing?  Is this really all there is?”

It was in that moment I decided there had to be more.  And in that moment I started a journey I had never imagined.   A journey that would give me more questions than answers, and one I am still on now – and loving every moment of it…

By making some changes to my life – I started to explore what my life purpose could possibly be.  I listened to podcasts, I read books – and all of a sudden a world of opportunity and possibility started to open up.

It was huge!  Overwhelming in fact – but once you start – it’s impossible to stop!

I soon realised that the confines and routine I found myself in were all my own choice, and I could use that choice to change it.

A few weeks later – I was sat at the same desk and I received what can only be described as an intuitive download… “It’s safe to leave your job”… The words were accompanied by a deep feeling of knowing and complete trust in the truth of it.

So that day I resigned from my job and I haven’t looked back.

It hasn’t been an easy ride, and I believe that every obstacle and hardship I faced was necessary for me to have arrived where I am now.

So how does this help you figure out your life purpose?

Well I can certainly share the conclusions that I have come to – and hopefully that will speed up your process of figuring it out.

5 Steps to Figure out your Life Purpose

1. Start to notice what makes you happy

Whether it’s spending time with your dog, spending time with family or walking in nature – take notice of these things (and do them more often).

What else?  Ask yourself what lights me up when I talk about it?    What possibilities seem interesting and exciting?

When you start answering these questions, explore how you might be able to do more of those things – or can any of those things be a new job possibility or business of your own?

Then you can do stuff that makes you happy in work too – that’s why I do what I do – I frikkin’ LOVE it!! 😀

2. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and encourage you.

This is so vital – I cannot express just how important it is to have this kind of support in your life.

As you start to explore your life purpose, you will grow rapidly.  Suddenly things that seemed so important, suddenly become less so.

You will find that perhaps old friends and even family will not support you and in fact do their best to keep you where you are.  Not out of any malice – it’s because they love you – they want to keep you safe.

But the problem is when you grow you will change, and you will need to find people who are on the same journey as you!  That’s why I do recommend finding places on social media where you can join with a like minded tribe.

3. Listen to your Intuition

Intuition is your best friend.  It truly knows what it right for you and will help guide you towards your goal (much more quickly than if you take a logical route).   There is so much I can tell you about listening to your intuition – and how to use it – but I have create a series that will help you, and you can see it here.    I recommend you check it out after this article!

By feeling your way and being guided by intuition – you will quickly learn how to figure out if a mentor, course or opportunity is right for you and in alignment with your life purpose.

4. Always be the student and fail forward

Finding your life purpose is a learning process.  I don’t just mean online courses – or study (these will certainly play a big part)  I mean trial and error.  I can honestly say that my mistakes have always been a blessing in disguise.  They have expedited my path to finding purpose and success.

They teach you to find what is right for you.  They show you what not to do in the future, and they will make you more humble and discerning in the process.  Strive to make many mistakes – and learn the lesson each time.

There is no shame in failure – the greatest leaders will tell you, they had more failures than successes, but they did it anyway, because they knew there were precious lessons to be learned.

5. Learn to love yourself

This doesn’t necessarily mean daily trips to the spa (although it doesn’t hurt 😉 )   Loving yourself means developing a deep appreciation for the person you are.  Look in the mirror.  See what your children love about you, what your parents love about you, what your partner loves about you…  See what they see.

Appreciate that you always endeavour to be a good person and do the right thing.   Love that your intentions are pure and that you have the capacity to love.

When you love yourself – your cup flows over so that you are more able to love those near to you, and have more compassion and love to all.

In a nutshell, your life purpose is to:

Love yourself so that you make the choices that make you happy in any given moment.  Through this simple action – you will be allowing intuition to flow and you will find direction from within.  Be courageous and take risks that feel right, and surround yourself with a wonderful support group of people.

Thanks for reading this – don’t forget to check out the posts on using your intuition for success right here!

5 Steps to Using Intuition for Success

Steve Jobs famously said, “Intuition is very powerful, more powerful that intellect”.
This is why I have created this mini-course as a gift that will guide you to become more intuitive.

Become Intuitive

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