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Karen Richardson

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Karen Richardson

In 2017, my life was turned upside down.

It was September 25th, and I was just about to sit down at my home office desk to start my work.  Just as I did, I got a call from my Dad… “Come Quick, Mum’s had a fall… it’s bad”

I could tell from the tone of his voice it was life or death.  I felt a chill run down my spine as I grabbed my coat and keys and flew out the door.

After 3 days of Mum being in a coma, Dad and I were invited to the specialists office after a number of scans.

“It’s not good news” he said…  I took Dad’s hand.  “She has a 3% chance of making it through, it’s more likely she will die from her injuries or be extensively brain damaged”.

It was like the bottom fell out of our worlds, the devastation swept over both of us as we sat helplessly by Mum’s side.

When we left, I asked for a sign that she would be ok.

I didn’t really know who I was asking – God, The Angels, Source… whatever divine power there might be.

As we got into the car, a song was playing on the radio – it was ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor, at that moment nothing triggered me, until I heard the next song – Maggie May by Rod Stewart.  You see, my Mum is Margaret, and the opening words to that song are; ‘Wake up Maggie’….  In that moment – I knew my prayer had been answered and I was given a sign…

In the weeks and months that followed, sure enough, my Mum woke up and slowly recovered.

It was now early November – Mum was home and we were all rallying around. In the middle of the night, we got a call, it was Dad again.  This time he could barely breath.  Once again, I watched as he was now rushed into hospital.  The next day I took Mum in to see him.  As we arrived, the doctor was telling him how he should not even be alive.  He had the biggest pulmonary embolism they had ever seen in someone still alive!  They were able to give him the blood thinning treatment he needed and within a couple of weeks he was home again.

But it didn’t end there…  

It was early December now – and we were preparing Christmas – My eldest son who was only 5 years old – had tummy pains.  He was sent to hospital – and for days they were unable to work out what was causing them as all looked normal.

My poor baby boy was in so much pain.  My heart was in pieces watching him.  All I could do was hold his hand and be there for him day and night, wishing that I could take his place, just anything but watch him suffer – it was too cruel.

In the end, the hospital had to take a look from the inside and they operated.

It turned out his appendix had ruptured – in the surgeons words “It was a real mess in there”.

Eventually he healed, and we were discharged on 23rd December.

As I shared my story over social media, I got floods of love from people I knew and didn’t know.  They sent well wishes, prayers, healing to me and all my family.

Some people said they couldn’t believe how ‘unlucky’ I had been.

I never saw it that way.  Through every step, every survival, I saw that I was blessed.  I saw that I was surrounded by love and I believe that love saved everyone of my family.  

I was making enough of a passive income, that my husband was able to step back from his business and play his amazing role of support and tag team time in the hospital so that I could see my youngest son too.

Following that year, I went through a profound transformation.

I began to question – who is Karen Richardson?

I had a deep realisation that I wasn’t stepping fully into who I am supposed to be.

And that is why the Intuitive Marketer has been born.

You see, I now know that my huge online success was down to me following my intuition – and not following Internet Marketing gurus.

I realised that I had been intuitively marketing – constantly following my energy – and seeing other peoples energy – and always coming from a place of authenticity, inspiration and heart.

I now know:

  • That we all have our own unique energy blueprint…
  • That it’s the smallest of feelings translates to people – and that people feel your energy…
  • How marketing systems really don’t work for the masses…
  • How we need to find what does work for us…
  • How we all need to go inward to figure this stuff out…
  • And how I could finally help you, by becoming a guide to show you how this can be done.

The answer is inside of you  – not another shiny object or tool.

Working with your energy is the answer – as you tap into this – you start to find the answers that work for you.

Check out the Video below that I did for my private coaching group – Vibration of Business.

This will help you to understand how your energy influences your business.

If you have done everything in your internet marketing journey and you just now feel overwhelmed and just flippin’ depressed by it all, then it’s YOU I genuinely want to help.

So please let me help you to get started by taking my intuition mini-course (when you sign up, you will also get updates from this blog).

I’m delighted to have you along with me on this journey <3

Use Your Intuition for Success

Steve Jobs famously said, "Intuition is very powerful, more powerful than intellect". This is why I have created this mini-course as a gift that will guide you to become more intuitive, so you too can use this power.

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