The Best free Marketing & Metaphysical resources on the internet

Let’s face it we have all seen our fair share of freebies that were ‘questionable’ at best.

Here I want to share with you the best of the best.  These are absolutely worth your email address and so much more!!

As with all my teachings – I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed or opting into something that isn’t right for you.  

So tune in first and ask yourself this question:   “Is this something that will support me in the business and life I am trying to create.”

If the answer is ‘yes’ then go for it!  😀 

Marketing Freebies

Fantastic Foundation Training Affiliate Marketing and Traffic

I do have a real soft spot for this training, as it is where I experienced major break throughs in online business and saw massive success.  

For free you will get a starter course to affiliate marketing and traffic generation course.  Both very valuable.

However, I do recommend you upgrade for just $1  to the full course (and available coaching).   For me this course completely joined the dots of how to create an online business.  It was the first time I had seen such a comprehensive education in affiliate marketing, and that is still the case.

Either way I do recommend you check it out (if it feels right to do so) and meet my friend and the founder – Misha Wilson – who will guide you through the video training.

The Best Free Copywriting Course I've Ever Seen

In marketing, there is no way around it, you have to have good copywriting skills.

Whether it’s for sending emails to your list, writing incredible posts that get you noticed on social media or a blog post, you need to know how to get people’s attention.

While this free course is primarily for an email strategy, the gems are priceless for any kind of copywriting.

The name of the course is ‘The World’s Most Lucrative Email Marketing Strategy’ – and I think it’s author Andre Chaperon is right!  

This is definitely one you want to check out!

Create an Authority Website and Learn SEO

A real marketing gem for introverts and empaths.

If you struggle with being ‘out there’ on social media – then learning website skills is absolutely essential.  Although I do social media, I like to have a website that generates organic and highly targetted traffic to my business.  

You don’t need a whole bunch of tech skills to run a website these days, and the guys over at Wealthy Affiliate have put together a fantastic 10 module training course to get you started with a free wordpress website.

The training shows you how create and monetise a website from scratch.  I highly, highly recommend.  I was sceptical at how good this would be – and I was delightfully surprised how good it was.

While there is a paid upgrade available, you certainly learn enough at free to get you on your way – all you need to do is give your email address to login.


Metaphysical Freebies

Amazing (and FAST) Meditation

I confess, I struggle to sit still in silent meditation for 20 minutes or more in a day.  The monkey mind goes rampant and I end up giving up.

So, when I discovered Zen 12 – it literally changed my life.  Zen 12 is a 12 minute MP3 track that uses ‘brain entrainment’ to send your mind into a meditative state fast.

When I listen to Zen 12 tracks – I immediately go into a state of calm and it seems to be over in seconds.  So all I can say is – it does work!

So if you struggle with meditation – I encourage you to download this free track and try it yourself.

Hypnosis for Success

Hypnosis is  a powerful tool that can help boost your confidence, increase your brain power, aid in weight loss, increase your money-making potential, and take you to places you never believed you could go (much like that feeling you have when you’re reading a great book). 

By short circuiting long-held self-beliefs and deep-seated behavioral patterns, hypnosis can often deliver real-world results that simply cannot be achieved in any other way… all because your brain allows you to believe in yourself in new and empowered ways. 

With this link you can choose one of several hypnosis tracks to help you in different areas of life for free.

It’s very cool – and I use them myself when I want to accelerate my progress in those areas.

Using Your Intuition for Success

Working intuitively is like a bypass to hustle and struggle.  It presents you with the right ideas and initiatives at the right time so you can reap the rewards.

You will find the more you understand and use your intuition, the more it becomes second nature and you will wonder why you didn’t use it sooner.

This is my own course that I have created for you.  I believe that using my intuition has been pivotal to my success.   Using intuition meant I said yes to the right opportunities and no to the wrong ones.

I used it to guide me in my marketing methods – and saved myself a lot of time. energy and dollars by not choosing trainings, opportunities and mentors who were wrong for me.

I believe everyone should learn to work this way – and that is why my course is a free gift from me to you.